Friday, April 15, 2011

Myrtle Beach, SC

Just so you know I am going to be completely random in my selection of places. I have chosen Myrtle Beach because a reader asked me to awhile back and I don't want to disappoint. So here's what I think are the best of CL in Myrtle Beach...

Bamboo Chairs $75 {love the asian motif.}
image 2321041875-0

Hollywood Regency Queen/Full Headboard $395 {if this was king, in dc and around $ would be mine. or maybe i'd get the other headboard way below.}...
image 2323478065-1

Orange Cabinet $25 {love this piece. great color and price.}...
image 2276648051-0

The petite cabinet above reminds me of this cabinet by Juliet Totten...
Inspirational image by Juliet Totten via Design*Sponge

Settee French Provincial $295 {wow great price.}...
image 2323754159-0

Queen Headboard $25 {i am sure this is not for everyone, but there is something i love about this. i see it in a vivid yellow for a girls room. it'll be like the sun is always rising above her head.}...
image 2323537831-0

Estate Vintage Sofa $150 {looks like velvet and what a gorgeous color!}...
image 2303085951-0

After a good cleaning the sofa above has serious potential as evidenced below...
Inspirational Image Tilton Fenwick via Trad Home

Bar Stools $200/all {paint bright white or how about something wild that matches your decor.}...
image 2320623589-0

4 Century Chairs $100/set {century are very well made and for $25 a chair i say you need them.}...
image 2251176737-0

Rattan Club Chairs $50 {could you please pick these up for me? i am seriously in love. love the shape and the price a lot}...
image 2286332319-1 image 2286332319-0

I think I wouldn't paint the badass chairs above, but if you are so inclined then how about paint them black?...
Inspirational Image via New Zealand House and Home

Tea Cart $35 {forget all the bar cart about tea?}...
image 2258624775-0

King Bed Set $250 {paint this beauty to match your bedroom. i would offer less for sure. in fact i have been searching on cl forever for something like this...someday!}...
image 2305994406-1

4 Bistro Chairs $45 {go crazy and do something fun with these at that price, why not?}...
image 2263021539-0

4 Rattan Barstools $30/each {paint and new fabric will make these feel less rattany...that's a word right? ;)}...
image 2314765843-0

Thayer Coggin Sofa $175 {it's velvet and beautiful. great for a small space. i would paint the walls deep rich navy and add this beauty to lighten up the space.}...
image 2322478912-0

Sofa and Chair $80 {just look at the bones of these.}...
image 2314009103-0image 2314009103-1

Since you are saving a lot on the sofa and chair, go ahead an upholster in something rich like this orange velvet...
Inspirational image Nabil Nahas via International Elle Decor

Small Table $40 {would make a great bedside table.}...
image 2257785332-0

Antique Carved Queen Bedframe $300 {yes i love this. how can i adore something this ornate yet love simple clean lines as well? i would put this beauty in a stark white room with sparse furnishings and simple bedding to bring it down a notch.}...
image 2312708227-1

Rattan Chairs $65/each {to take the rattan out of rattan i would paint and spruce up the upholstery.}...
image 2251909837-0

How about white for the chairs above?...
Inspirational image Anna Spiro via Apartment Therapy

Brass Elephant $10 {fun addition to a bookshelf. meet the seller at a coffee shop.}...
image 2240382502-0

White Ceramic Elephant $40 {great plant stand.}
image 2311632752-0 image 2311632752-2

Or the elephant above could make a nice side table as well...
Inspirational image via Domino

Tropical Bar Cart $150 {painting this would bring out all of the lovely detailing.}...
image 2253570530-0 image 2253570530-1

Bedroom Set or Entertainment Center Henredon {purchased for $10,000 over 30 years ago and they are selling it for $900. hmmm...i think they are making a big mistake.}...
image 2293156549-0 image 2293156549-1

image 2293156549-2 image 2293156549-3

Broyhill 5 piece Dining Set $798 {this is a stunning set. needs to be in a larger space that is heavily decorated to withstand it.}...
image 2317819592-0

Antique Furniture {nice pieces. i really like the blue velvet lious chair.}...
image 2309320580-3 image 2309320580-0

Contemporary Bedframe $105 {i have this exact bedframe and love the simplicity of it.}...
image 2318471501-0

Sarouk Pre 1900 Rug $375 {an incredible price for such a substantial rug and it's gorgeous.}..
image 2268297767-0
Bedframe $150 {might need to be painted if not in great shape.}
image 2315239139-0

How about paint the above bed frame olive green?...
Inspirational image McCadden

Wicker Sofa/Futon $175 {need extra seating and a bed?}...

Paint the sofa above white and it could look this gorgeous on your covered porch...

Antique Wheelchair $250  {brings new meaning to granny chic. made from a baby carriage factory as if the elderly person didn't feel demeaned enough. my grandfather would have been so hurt if he saw that. even up to his passing he was adamant about making sure we all knew he used to walk 5 miles to and from school every day, he was the star of his high school football team and he could go up and down a whole flight of stairs on his hands. sorry about that you weren't here to learn about my manly grandpa were you?}... 
image 2267936732-0 image 2267936732-2
image 2267936732-3

I'm going to end on that odd note. Hope you all have a wonderful and warm weekend! xx Danielle


  1. You amaze me woman! How do you find that exact inspiration we all need to actually see the potential in an object!? I love it and you are so good at it, should make a living of it!
    Wishing you a happy weekend!
    All my love!

  2. Hi Danielle, wish you had a store with all these great items in it!! That bed...insanely beautiful...carrying almost an identical version on the site.

  3. oh i would die for that 4 poster bedframe!! darn you myrtle beach!!!

  4. this is awesome, you have such good ideas!!
    have a wonderful weekend :)

  5. You always find the neatest things.

    An antique wheelchair that doesn't exactly fold, but stretches made from a baby carriage company. Covering all their bases, I guess.

    Love the rug and the king headboard. $150 for a sofa isn't bad either.

  6. Certainly would make a trip to the beach worth the drive....even if it rains....smiles.

  7. WOW! Feel like I have been shopping! Loved this!
    Those Asian bamboo chairs in the first pick turned me upside down!!! i never see stuff like that on Dallas/Ft Worth's Craigs List. but I KEEP LOOKING! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Great finds, as always! I wanted to ask if you might consider adding the feature where people can subscribe to your posts via email? That's how I get all my blog posts, including Fresh Quince.

    And am I remembering correctly that not too long ago, you mentioned yoverlong love any tips from other migraine sufferers? I get them frequently, a couple a week (I have a family history of them - thanks dad!) and within the last year I finally went to a neuro based on my primary dr's recommendation. Anyway, he's in Reston - not too far from you I think - and he is wonderful. Neurologists are an, umm, interesting bunch on the whole, but he's an exception. Anyway, if you'd like to see a specialist, his name is Dr. Reuben Citron. Good luck!

  9. I seriously love your new blog!! Fantastic Craig's list. I have done a couple of post on Craig's list, but I am not even close to touching you!! Unbelievable. Almost think it would be worth a road trip to SC!!! M.

  10. Oh my!!! I just found your blog and could NOT BELIEVE MY EYES! Those rattan club chairs $50 in Wrightsville Beach are MINE!!! I had the same ideas you did for them, unfortunately sometimes i get ahead of myself and I bought them without considering the cost of custom upholstery and I just have too many projects going on! Wish I could ship them to you!

  11. i like your new blog and the estate vintage sofa too. Happy new week!

  12. oooo Myrtle Beach is where it is at! Look at all of that bamboo and rattan! love!

  13. that white elephant stand is honestly to die for!! if i were in SC i would pick it up in a heartbeat :)

  14. Thanks everyone for the kind comments and's truly much appreciated!

    And it makes me so happy that at least one lady scored something from my post. Yay Mamon de trois petit rois...good luck with the upholstery and I hear you about way too many projects going on!

  15. Hey Danielle,
    I would love to post about your Craig's listing. It would be fantastic if I could time the post when your hit city is Birmingham, AL. Let me know if you are going to do one there soon! I know my local readers would be all over it. I get tons of hits when I do them in Birmingham, but I simply don't hold a candle to yours!! Mandi

  16. I was sooooooo excited to see your post on Myrtle Beach today, which was my request some time back!! I just found your post today (I'd love to get an email alert!!) a bit late. I am interested in some of the pieces and have emailed to see if they are still available. I'll let you know if I am able to score anything!! Thank you again Danielle!!